How to wash muddy and greasy clothes in Washing Machine?

If you have ever washed greasy or muddy clothes, you know that they are hard to get out. Adding detergent will not help, and you might end up with a puddle instead. However, you can take the time to wash the stains yourself. Using a spray attachment and cool water can help. Once the stains are gone, simply air-dry them on a clothesline. You can repeat the process as often as needed.

Use an excellent detergent for washing grease-stained clothes. Pour 2-4 liters into a tub or bucket and fill the rest with water. Add your dirty clothes and then add another bucket or tub. Rinse out the clothing first in the morning before washing them. This will prevent the washing machine from smelling like a sink or toilet. Then, rinse them with clean water and hang them to dry.

Adding a baking soda and vinegar to the washing machine can work as a detergent. Place the soiled clothing into the washing machine, and then scrub the fabric with the soda or vinegar mixture. These ingredients will help dissolve the grease and soften the dirt. Then, rinse the soiled garment as usual. Then, remove any traces of the substance by hand.

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