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A QLED TV is a type of LED television with a layer of quantum dot lights built into the backlight. This layer enhances colors and brightness and is like the ones found in regular LED televisions. You can learn more about QLED technology by reading this article. The following information compiled by Aysonline, technology department.


The biggest difference between a QLED and an OLED TV is in the display technology. OLED has an emissive light source, whereas QLED relies on an LED backlight. The former has several advantages over the latter, including bright highlights and full-array local dimming. Compared to OLED, a QLED television will have better viewing angles. However, some manufacturers have not yet released a full-fledged QLED television yet.

The QLED Television uses a backlight, a tiny LED chip that placed behind the panel to create the image. LCD panels contain millions of tiny shutters that let light and color escape. The shutters block the remaining light to create a picture. While this design produces accurate blacks, it does improve contrast. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a QLED Television, you should read the specifications.

QLED TV Price in Pakistan February 2024

QLED TV price in Pakistan is Rs. 117,400 and the average price of QLED TV in Pakistan is Rs. 243,800. You can now buy your favorite QLED TV in Pakistan from Aysonline at 0% EMI for 6 months. While OLED TVs were the most expensive TVs on the market, QLED’s price is much lower than other displays. QLED Televisions can range from Rs. 117,400 for a 50-inch model to more than Rs. 328,600 for a 65-inch model. Aysonline is selling a cheaper QLEDs than OLEDs, so you can buy a larger one for the same price. The price of a QLED Television depends on the size and the quality of the display.