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Super Asia ECS-8000 Met Cooling Pad Air Cooler


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Super Asia Air Cooler ECM4600 PLUS


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Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM5000 Plus


Super Asia Air Cooler Price in Pakistan November 2023

The Super Asia Air Cooler is one of the most popular cooling appliances in the world. It built to withstand the heat of the Pakistani summer. Moreover, it comes with many features to make it even more effective. It is equipped with Swedish Evaporative Cooling Pads that cool the entire room. Besides that, it also has a large air outlet, which is ideal for even cooling. This allows the user to use the air cooler throughout the day, thus reducing the intensity of the hot summer days. Get best Super Asia Air Cooler Price in Pakistan November 2023 from Aysonline.

Cost Effective Room Coolers

The Super Asia Room Cooler is extremely cost-effective. You can buy it with confidence as the price is affordable and the quality is exceptional. Customers will be satisfied with its performance and the company strives to be the market leader in its products. It recommended that you purchase one for your home, as it is more effective than a traditional air conditioner. You can also get it for your office, since it uses less electricity than a standard air conditioner.

The Super Asia Air Cooler is made of durable plastic and is extremely easy to install. The air cooler is design for low-voltage use, making it perfect for any office. It is easy to clean, too. You will be happy that you invested in a product with high quality materials and an affordable price. This makes it an excellent choice for your home. The affordable Super Asia Air Cooler Price in Pakistan November 2023 makes it a great choice for the budget-minded consumer.

There are many types of Super Asia Room Cooler available in the market. Prices vary greatly, but it is advisable to gather information on the prices of these products before purchasing one. Various models of the Super Asia Room Cooler ECM 5000 are available in the market. The ECM 5000 is a good size and costs around Rs. 21,600.

Shockproof Plastic

The Super Asia room cooler has a stylish design and can easily move from room to room. Its body is made of shockproof plastic and has an imported evaporative cooling pad. Its capacity is 70 liters, and the Super Asia is a great option for home use. If you are in the market for an air cooler, make sure you get the right one. This will not only help you cool your living space but will also make it more comfortable for you.

The top loading cooling box is design for ultimate cooling. Its energy efficient design ensures the best cooling and equipped with an anti-bacterial honeycomb evaporative pad and an auto swing. It is fan based and comes with a two-speed control. It also has a large water tank to ensure continuous water supply. A four-way movement is another feature of this air cooler. This model is ideal for use in rooms where space is limited.