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Dawlance Water Dispenser WD-1051

Original price was: ₨47,800.Current price is: ₨42,000.

Dawlance Water Dispenser WD-1051 GD

Original price was: ₨47,800.Current price is: ₨42,000.

Dawlance Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

Among the various types of water dispensers that Dawlance offers, the WD 1060 is the most affordable. This unit is very easy to use and comes with a large capacity for extra serving. Its stainless steel water tank means that it can provide hot or cold water at any temperature. It also has a one-year compressor warranty. This item is an excellent choice for people who want a quality and affordable Dawlance water dispenser Price in Pakistan.

The European Export Quality range of water dispensers from Dawlance is the best option if you want to get the best for your home. The dispensers come with a 3-year compressor warranty, enlarged capacity for extra serving, stainless steel water tank, and a stainless steel filtration system. They also offer hot and cold room-temperature water. They are very convenient to use in both domestic and commercial settings.

Two-tap water dispenser

There are two variants of the WD-1041 SR. The two-tap water dispenser has a low-noise design, and back by a refrigerator cabinet. It is a multifunctional appliance with a large water tank holds six liters. The WD-1041 SR comes with a built-in fridge, and has child-safe lock. Its 20-liter water tank provides ample drinking water for a family.

Another model of Dawlance Water Dispensers comes with three taps. Its cold-water tank is 17% larger than the average model. The hot water tank is 60% larger than the standard model. The refrigerator portion is 40% larger. This dispenser has two taps: a cold-water tap and a stainless steel water tank. In addition, if you want to have some cold water to keep in the fridge, there is a separate ice reservoir at the bottom.

In addition to storing water, Dawlance water dispenser also cools it for prolonged periods. This feature makes it convenient to use. The water dispensers are a good investment for people looking for convenience and affordability. Many Dawlance models of these devices are available for affordable prices. They will provide clean, cool drinking liquid for extended periods. They are also extremely useful for households with kids. The refrigerator-based model will help you save on electricity.

These water dispensers are very convenient and efficient. They do not require any additional equipment, but are perfect for homes, offices, and hotels. They are also great for schools and other establishments with children. You can purchase a water dispenser that suits your needs. A Dawlance Water Dispenser is a great investment in your home or business. It will provide you with clean, cool drinking water, no matter where you are.

European Quality Export Range water dispenser

The European Quality Export Range water dispenser is an incredible choice for homes. It has the highest quality, a European quality assurance, and is compliant with 24 international standards. If you want a water dispenser, you can get it for as little as Rs. 21,500 and up. You can get a water dispenser that meets your needs without breaking the bank. It will make drinking water easy and refreshing for you and will last for a long time.

Latest Dawlance Water Dispenser in Pakistan February 2022

Dawlance Water Dispenser WD-1051 Original price was: ₨47,800.Current price is: ₨42,000.
Dawlance Water Dispenser WD-1051 GD Original price was: ₨47,800.Current price is: ₨42,000.