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A PEL Washing Machine can provide you with the convenience you need. The plastic body and rust proof stainless steel drum built to last for many years. The Fit-wash Technology uses water flow control to move clothes and sheets around the drum, effectively cleaning them without tangling. Its Wider Pulsator eliminates stains more effectively and reduces the direct load on the motor. This washing machine also features Vents to promote air flow.

PEL washing machines are extremely durable, with advanced features that save time and detergent. They also feature smart sensor technologies that make them easy to use and produce superior laundry. In Pakistan, the number one selling washing machine is the PEL PAWM-1100, with automatic cycle calculation and Fitwash technology to protect delicate fabrics. Its unique structure makes it easy to use, with pulsators creating a dynamic multi-direction washing flow to eliminate tangles.