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Moulinex Air Fryer EY401D27


WestPoint Air Fryer WF-5257


Philips Air Fryer HD9270


Philips Air Fryer HD9200


Tefal Air Fryer EY201827


Aardee Air Fryer ARAF-1310D


Philips Air Fryer HD9220 Viva Collection


Dawlance Air Fryer DWAF-3013 3.5 Liters


Sencor Vita Air Fryer SFR6100 bk


WestPoint Air Fryer WF5255


Sencor Vita Air Fryer SFR 3220WH


WestPoint Air Fryer WF5256


WestPoint Air Fryer WF5254


Haier Air Fryer HAF35B 3.5 Liters


Haier Air Fryer HAF40W 4 Liters


Aardee Air Fryer 3214D


Air Fryer Price in Pakistan

The air fryer is one of the best ways to cook fast and tasty food. They are comparatively cheaper than conventional fryers. In addition, if you are worried about the power consumption, the price is affordable. They are also great at frying without much effort. Therefore, you can make your food in just a few minutes. However, how does it work? How do you get best Air Fryer price in Pakistan? Read on to find out!

You can choose an air-fryer according to your needs and your budget. Aysonline has various air fryers and in lowest price. Prices for the different models vary according to their capacity and power. They come with multiple capacity options, timer systems, hot air, grill bake and advanced technology. Some of them are more expensive, but they have the highest ratings. If you are looking for a quality air fryer, Aysonline is the place for you to cook your favorite food.

Improve Your Diet

An air fryer is an alternative to traditional frying methods. It is healthier and requires very little oil almost half table spoon and easy to clean. Unlike the old way of frying, it is also better for those who are on a diet. You can reheat fried food leftovers without worrying about getting it soggy. Moreover, as it uses very little oil, you will save money on both your food and your budget. The best thing about the air fryer is its price and starfish design feature.

Cook Healthy Dishes with 80% Less Oil

You can also cook healthy dishes with an temperature controlled air fryer. It uses 80% less oil than a standard deep fryer, which means that you can cook more meals without any added oil. You can cook a family-size meal with the XXL size. You will never have to worry about fat again! This machine is an excellent addition to your kitchen! You will love using it to prepare healthy and delicious meals!

Depending on the model, an air fryer can be as cheap as Rs. 16,200 and can cost as much as Rs. 40,800. A great appliance can cook a wide variety of foods and clean very easily. The cost of an air fryer in Pakistan can range anywhere from R.15,000 to over RS.38,200.

There are many brands to choose from. If you are looking for an air fryer, you can find a branded one that is right for your kitchen. This is an excellent choice for a family-size air fryer. They are extremely convenient and will cook your food quickly and healthy.