Boss Washing Machine and Dryer Price in Pakistan, Updated May 27, 2024

The Boss Washing Machines and Dryers is a fully featured industrial washing machine with dryer. This company specialized in producing industrial washing machines. The Boss 7500BS is a highly efficient washing machine with a weight of twelve kg. Moreover, the boss machine is easy to move around and can handle brutes weighing up to fifteen kilograms. Unlike other washing machines, the Boss KE 14000 BS is highly energy efficient. The KE 14000 BS model is rated at 200 Watts, minimizing your electricity expenses.

The Boss Washing Machine KE 3000 BS is a 9KG white twin tub semi-automatic. The new model 2022 comes with a 10-inch Spinning Basket and a built-in sink to wash your clothes easily. The Built-in sink makes it easy to remove stains and maximizes the efficiency of detergent. The Boss KE 3000 BS also has a water filter.

The Boss Washing Machine KE 9500 BS is a white, 9 KG twin tub semi-automatic model, with a new generation of technology. Its high-efficiency motor saves 60 percent of energy and 40-60 percent of liquid detergent. Its extra-large washing power is a plus, and the multi-directional side pulse system produces a water wave that dries your clothes quickly.

The Boss KE 3000 BS is a powerful white front-loading machine. It has a 12 kg capacity, making it easy to move. This model is also very lightweight, which is a major advantage. Its power-efficient motor reduces your electrical bills and very portable. The KE 3000 BS is capable of soaking 15 kg of brutes without any problems.

Made from Pure Plastic

The Boss washing machines and dryers KE 8500 BS is a 9 kg white front-loading machine. It made from pure plastic, which makes it durable and lightweight. The KE 8500 BS features a built-in sink and a 10-inch spinning basket. This helps you clean your clothes efficiently, and the built-in sink improves the efficiency of the detergent. The KE 9500 BS is a 10 kg machine with a 10-inch spinning basket.

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Boss Twin Tub Washing Machine KE-9500-BS

Original price was: ₨39,773.Current price is: ₨35,000.

Boss Single Washing Machine KE-3000-N-15-BS

Original price was: ₨26,023.Current price is: ₨22,900.

Boss KE-15000-BS-S Steel Spinner Washing Machine

Original price was: ₨54,432.Current price is: ₨47,900.