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Homage 3 Tap Water Dispenser HWD-49332 3WT

Original price was: ₨41,364.Current price is: ₨36,400.

Homage Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan, Updated May 23, 2024

The variety of Homage Water Dispensers is vast. The HWD-68 is a two-tap model with a stainless steel water tank. It features a double safety device to prevent overheating. It has a glass door design with a child-safe push button. The HWD-61 is a stylish design with three taps. It has a 4-liter water tank and has a child-safe lock for added safety. Get the best Homage water dispenser price in Pakistan from Aysonline.pk.

ICE chest for storing ice

The HWD-29 is a high-end dispenser that comes with a child safety lock, refrigerator cabinet, and four liters of capacity. It is available in various colors, and has an inherent ice chest for storing ice. The HWD-29 is suitable for homes with children. If you are concerned about safety, choose the HWD-67. It is also a good choice for a small kitchen or for a guest bathroom.

The HWD is a great option if you want a water dispenser with a child safety lock. The water dispensers can easily mount, and they have a child safety lock. They are easy to install and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen or on the balcony. The stainless steel tank and child-safe lid make it very safe for children. The best part is that the Homage water dispensers are affordable and can bought in Pakistan.

Best Price Water Dispenser

Prices for Homage Water Dispensers start at Rs. 15,100. If you are in the market for a three tap water dispenser, the HWD-29 is the perfect choice. If you are looking for a two-tap dispenser, consider the HWD-67 or HWD-71. Both feature child safety locks and refrigerator cabinets. The HWD-29 model is especially nice, as it also has a 4-liter water tank.

Homage Water Dispensers are available in different colors. They range from red to maroon, from white to purple. The water dispensers can found in a wide variety of colors. Some of them even feature built-in freezers for storage. You can choose the color that best fits your interior decor. They are the ideal solution for homes with small kids or families. They are environmentally friendly, and are great for any space.

Prices for Homage Water Dispensers vary in Pakistan. A high-end model will have three taps, while a low-end one will have two taps. The cost of Homage Water Dispensers start at about Rs. 15,100 in Pakistan. During the last 30 days, prices online have dropped by 16%. The HWD-29 has a child safety lock and refrigerator cabinet. It is also available in a wide range of colors.

High Quality Water Dispensers

The HWD-65 water dispenser is a high-quality two-tap model with four liters of water capacity. It features a child-safe lock and a child-safe glass door. The HWD-71 also comes with a dishwasher and a 3.5-liter water tank. The HWD-66 has a four-tap capacity and a refrigerator cabinet. With its attractive design, it is an ideal choice for any home.