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NasGas Super Deluxe Electric Water Cooler 35 Litre (NC35)

Original price was: ₨63,068.Current price is: ₨55,500.

NasGas Water Cooler NC85

Original price was: ₨83,523.Current price is: ₨73,500.

NasGas Water Cooler NC45

Original price was: ₨66,477.Current price is: ₨58,500.

Water Cooler Price in Pakistan, Updated May 20, 2024

The Water Cooler price in Pakistan varies according to the quality and capacity of the unit. This type of appliance is highly recommended for homes and is very effective during the hot summer months. The price range is in between Rs.35,600 to Rs.75,500 in Pakistan at Aysonline. The cost varies with the capacity of number of bottles and the number of persons using it. However, it still worth the money.

Water coolers are very useful in keeping water cool for longer. The price of a Water Cooler in Pakistan is not that high. The manufacturers of Water coolers in Pakistan embrace the concept of installing the appliances in workplaces and encourage their employees to use them. Some of these companies even offer services for the maintenance and inspection of their machines.

Best Water Cooler in Pakistan May 2024

Despite the water cooler price, most water coolers can easily purchase and installed. Some brands offer a wide range of options, including dispensers with free delivery and online orders. Some of them even offer a guarantee, and the price of an item can be as low as Rs35,000. With these prices, you can expect great service from Aysonline. You will not have to worry about the quality or warranty because the manufacturer will take care of everything.

The lowest water cooler price in Pakistan is around Rs. 35,500, while the estimated average water cooler price in the country is around Rs. 45,000. In Pakistan, many businesses are encouraging employees to use a water cooler at work. In order to promote the use of water coolers in the office, these companies ensure that they are properly maintained and fixed. This means that it will last for a long time. This is important to keep your workplace safe and comfortable.

Summary of Top 10 Water Cooler Prices in Pakistan

NasGas Water Cooler NC85 Original price was: ₨83,523.Current price is: ₨73,500.
NasGas Water Cooler NC45 Original price was: ₨66,477.Current price is: ₨58,500.