Home Appliances on Installment
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Home Appliances on Installment

Buying home appliances on installment in Pakistan is no more difficult. Select any product on our website. Add to cart and checkout using QisstPay Payment Gateway using debit or credit card.

Moving Ahead – Zero Percent (0%) Markup

AYS International move one step ahead and now launching instalment plan for our esteemed customers, whereby the customer can avail installment plans for up to 6 months with 0% markup.

Eligibility Criteria

Now, AYS facilitates its customer from a hassle-free process of lengthy documentations. You only have to be a debit or credit card holder. You are eligible to apply for a product of your choice on Aysonline website. AYS Team will process your bank verification, and once verified, your case will be marked as eligible and our teams will process it and deliver the product at your door step.

Options Available

Under this facility, there are Two options for all our customers.

1. Pay in Four

This option is particularly for our Debit Card customers, whereas, Pay in Four means, that in this facility customer can Buy now and Pay later in four months. Yes, you read it right Pay in four months using your respective bank’s debit card.

Under this facility the minimum purchase limit is Rs 15,000 and Maximum purchase limit is Rs 55,000 for pay back period of 4 Months.

2. Split Pay

This option is particularly for our Credit Card customers, whereas, Split Pay means, that in this facility customer can Buy now and Pay later up to Twelve Months. Yes, you read it right Pay in Twelve months using your respective bank’s Credit card.

Under this facility the minimum purchase limit is Rs 15,000 and Maximum purchase limit is Rs 55,000 for pay back period of 4 Months.

How to Make a Purchase Using Facility of Pay In Four and or Split Pay?

  1. All you need to do is to visit aysonline.pk home page.
  2. Select your desired product category and subsequently product page.
  3. Once you have selected your product and it is added it cart, you will have to click on Buy Now button.
  4. A form will appear where you will fill in the requisite information.
  5. After that you will initiate a checkout.
  6. When you initiate a checkout, select QisstPay as your payment mean.
  7. It will than ask you to fill in your Bank details and select a payment plan in Four or Split Pay.
  8. Once the above process is completed the scrutiny process from our end with be initiated.
  9. And after that, if your case gets approved then the order will be delivered at your door step within 3-4 working days.
  10. Alternatively, if the case gets rejected due to missing information / incorrect information, our representative will get in touch with you and will explain the entire issue with total amount reimbursed to you within 7 Days maximum.
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0% Percent Markup

Home Appliances on Installment in Pakistan

If you are looking for a way to purchase high-end home appliances without breaking the bank, you may be wondering where to get them on installment in Pakistan. Aysonline offers a number of payment options, such as three-month, four-month, and even 6-month plans. The best part is that we offer zero percent markup and fast delivery in Pakistan, so there is no reason to wait for appliance to arrive at your door.

Dawlance, a Pakistani company known for their reliable products. They manufacture some of the most affordable refrigerators in the country, including those with tempered glass tops. The company also produces blenders and juicers, air conditioners, and the innovative bedroom refrigerator series. To get the best deal on these products, shop online at Aysonline. You will find that you can get them on installment with very low processing fees.

Shop Electronics on Installment in Pakistan

In addition to Dawlance, you can shop electronics on installment at Aysonline in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar. You will find a wide range of LED TV, microwave ovens, refrigerators, deep freezers, cooking range, washing machine, baking oven, vacuum cleaner, and more. For air conditioners, we have Gree, Orient, Hisense and Dawlance Inverter AC on installment. Whether you are looking for an air conditioning unit, a dishwasher, or a new TV, Aysonline is the place to go!

Aysonline deals with Orient Electronics in inverter ac, washing machines and refrigerators finance. Aysonline has huge selection of Orient electronic appliances that you can use for your home. Orient offers a range of home appliances that can be control remotely by an app. These include air conditioners, refrigerators, LED TVs, microwaves, and dispensers. The best thing about Orient Electronics is that they will be able to fit your needs, whether you are looking for a new air conditioning unit or a new refrigerator for your home.

Many online stores offer appliances on installment in Pakistan. One of the most popular places to buy home appliances on installment is Aysonline. We are a large electronics store in Pakistan, with stores in most major cities. We also offer credit card payment with hassle free delivery, which is convenient for busy people. There are several other home appliances to choose from, and the selections are often much larger.

Aysonline has multiple outlets in Pakistan. Our employees are highly educated and qualified to assist with any type of home appliance purchase. If you are interested in purchasing home appliances on installment, you can start your search by visiting Aysonline.pk website. If you are looking for a kitchen or a new TV, you will find plenty of options. The best choice is to choose an appliance that has the most features at an affordable price.

AC on Installment in Pakistan

If you are looking for an AC on installment plan, there are several different types available. While you may have a credit card, you can get a lower interest rate if you use it for this purpose. If you don't need a large air conditioner, you can buy a smaller one on installment. Moreover, you can take advantage of the zero down payment option for ac on installment in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar or anywhere in Pakistan from Aysonline using Qisstpay.

To finance your new air conditioner, you can use a credit card during checkout with Qisstpay. For many homeowners, a personal loan with zero percent markup is the easiest way to finance an air conditioner. It's usually easier to qualify for getting ac on installment in Karachi or anywhere in Pakistan.