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Egg Boilers:

Egg boilers are small machines and are a makeup of plastic material, which look like traditional egg cups. It will make your work easy. Instead of boiling your eggs in the traditional and casual way, you simply crack an egg into an Egg boiler and put them in a pot of water, boil them, and when they are cooked, the hard-boiled eggs will pop right out of the cups of egg boiler. You all have to do is spray a little non-stick spray into each plastic cup and the egg literally will fall right out on the top. When it is fully cooked, then you can enjoy your delicious egg dishes without a mess in the kitchen. It is a Non-Stick silicone egg cup that is dishwasher safe. You can turn over the boiler and clean both sides of it, easily.

Amounts of Egg Boilers in Pakistan:

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