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The brand EcoStar has a new line of Air Conditioners that are design to reduce your electric bill and protect the environment. Their new G Smart Series EcoStar air conditioners models feature multiple health filters, a 4D long air throw of up to 50 feet, and an Environment Protecting Coating. These units have a host of other great features to make your home more comfortable. What’s more, they have an impressive warranty, which is great news for your wallet.

The newest Ecostar AC models feature low-voltage operation and a low-voltage DC fan motor. They also have the highest efficiency rating, which is 4.0 SCOP, which means that they can save you money on your energy bills. Another advantage of these air conditioners is their advanced technologies, such as active PFC technology and a 180-sine wave vector driver. The new models also feature long piping design for better cooling.

EcoStar Low Noise Air Conditioners

Another advantage to buying an EcoStar Air Conditioner is its low-noise design. They only make 20 decibels of noise, making them an environmentally friendly choice. This feature is ideal for those who are concerned about noise, especially if their home is located in an area with high noise levels. Moreover, the high-efficiency features of the Ecostar HVAC system allow it to work in any location. With a long piping design and a low-voltage design, these units are perfect for homes with high traffic.

The DC Inverter ACs can operate with low-voltage, which is great for the environment, as it reduces noise levels. The 4.0 SCOP model can run on a specified power source while saving energy. In addition, it does not need frequent servicing either. An investment pays off for itself in a short period. If you are looking for an efficient air conditioner, consider purchasing an Ecostar AC.

An Ecostar AC can operate on 150V, lowering the overall energy usage by about 90%. It uses an advanced 180-degree sine wave vector driver to ensure that the air conditioner runs at optimal efficiency. Moreover, its long piping design makes it perfect for use in small spaces. All of this makes the Ecostar Air Conditioners an excellent choice for homes with little space. They are more durable than many other air conditioners, and can use for commercial settings.

EcoStar Efficient DV Inverter Compressor

An Ecostar AC has an efficient DC inverter compressor. It is more energy-efficient than most conventional air conditioners. A DC inverter AC operates with low-voltage, which allows it to operate on a low-voltage power source. Its advanced 180-sine wave vector driver is also more energy-efficient than standard HVAC systems. Furthermore, it has long piping to increase cooling capacity. You can find the perfect EcoStar AC for your home at Aysonline.