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Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner CG713


Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan February 2024

Panasonic vacuum cleaner price in Pakistan is Rs. 14,800 and the average price of Panasonic vacuum cleaner in Pakistan is Rs. 22,850. You can now buy your favorite Panasonic vacuum cleaner in Pakistan from Aysonline at 0% EMI (easy monthly installments) for 6 months.

This vacuum cleaner is ideal for homes with a lot of dust and dirt. Its powerful suction of 2100 watts allows you to clean larger areas with ease. It also features low power consumption, and comes with a blower adapter so you can easily clean up small areas. To make the cleaning process even easier, you can use the attachments that come with the Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan.

Light Weight with Turbo Operation

The Panasonic YL631 vacuum cleaner is ideal for large homes, and it is equipped with a turbo operation for thorough cleaning. The vacuum cleaners cord is 8 meters long, and its lightweight design makes it easy to move it around a room. The battery will last for up to three hours of continuous operation. It has a powerful suction power of 2100 watts. The YL631 has a 21-liter drum tank, so it can clean a whole house. It has a cleaning tool with a standing neck that attaches to the drum for easy cleaning. It is also easy to empty and has a rewind function for the cord.

The Panasonic YL633 vacuum cleaner can clean a large room with ease and is the best option for homes with a lot of dirt and dust. It is power by 2100 watts and has a low power consumption. You can use the blower adapter that comes with the Panasonic YL633 to help clean even the most difficult spots in your house. The YL631 also has an anti-bacterial exhaust filter.

Powerful Suction

A Panasonic YL699 vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction power of 2100 watts. Its high power consumption is low, and it is easy to move around a home without getting in the way. Its 8-metre cord allows you to reach corners and small spaces without a problem. A blower adapter is also included. The YL699 features a rewind function, which makes it convenient to move around the house.

The Panasonic YL635 is a powerful vacuum cleaner, with a suction power of up to 2100 watts. Its turbo function makes it easy to clean a large area. Its low power consumption means it can be use in apartments and houses with more than one person. In addition, it comes with a blower adapter, which is perfect for large homes. The YL635 price in Pakistan is an excellent value for its price.