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Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC-7500

Original price was: ₨44,400.Current price is: ₨39,000.

Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC-6724 ENJ Blue

Original price was: ₨37,000.Current price is: ₨32,500.

Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC-770 SMT- Red

Original price was: ₨23,900.Current price is: ₨21,000.

Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan (July 2024)

The Dawlance vacuum cleaner is a compact and powerful cleaner that made to clean all kinds of floor surfaces. The Dawlance vacuum cleaner price in Pakistan vary based on the features of the vacuum cleaner. These include its suction power, the length of the round cable (7 meters), variable power control, and low noise. The HEPA filter of this product retains 99.9% of dust, making it a healthy option for cleaning.

HEPA Filter

Dawlance vacuum cleaner features a HEPA filter. It can capture bacteria, pollen grains, and fungal spores from the air. It can also capture allergens, which found in dust and rugs. This is important for people who have allergies or suffer from asthma. The HEPA filter on this vacuum can remove up to 99.9% of airborne particles, making it an ideal choice for those with respiratory conditions.

The HEPA filter is an essential feature of a Dawlance vacuum cleaner. Durable and effective filter that can capture airborne particles. Its HEPA 12 filter can retain 99.9% of the dust. It also has an adjustable power control. The filter is also easy to remove and can even be placed on a ledge. The Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner has a 7-meter long round cable and has HEPA 12 filters to capture dust.

The Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent vacuum cleaner that is available in several colors and models. The DWVC-6724 Smart Sense Handy Vacuum Cleaner is the most popular among these. It is important to check the price of a vacuum cleaner at Aysonline.pk before buying it. Its best features will show in a clear display. Moreover, the Dawlance vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction power of 80cc.