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EcoStar EW-T1002JB Twin Tub Washing Machine (10 kg)

Original price was: ₨48,864.Current price is: ₨43,000.

EcoStar EW-W1201GW Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine 12 KG Large Capacity Quick Wash Options

Original price was: ₨38,636.Current price is: ₨34,000.

EcoStar EW-W1001GW Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine 10 KG Multi Wash Settings 15 Minutes Timer

Original price was: ₨35,795.Current price is: ₨31,500.

EcoStar Washing Machine Price in Pakistan (July 2024)

DWP Group is the leading provider of consumer electronics in Pakistan. It manufactures refrigerators, LED TVs, air conditioners and EcoStar washing machines. These are available at affordable prices at Aysonline.

The EcoStar Automatic Washing Machine has a number of features including Fuzzy Logic, One Touch Operation and Soft Closing Lid. It also has a Magic Wash Cube that delivers a waterfall spraying current. The machine is also capable of doing the magic, by deciding the optimum program based on the weight of your clothing.

The EcoStar fully automatic top-load washing machine comes with a washing capacity of 12 kg. It has a digital control panel, a multi wash program, an overload protection system, and a power failure memory.

The EcoStar Washing Machines has a dual water supply selector, a powerful pulsator and a durable grip knob. It also has a slick design. It manufactured in white and blue lids. The machine also supports several smart features such as child-lock safety and digital touch panel.

The EcoStar Spin Dryers series also manufactured in white and blue lids. It also has several cool features such as a spin dryer and an overload protection system. The Dryer also has a compact design and protected from external irritants. It also has the most important feature.

The EcoStar Washing Machine is one of the most efficient and budget friendly washing machines on the market in Pakistan. It also boasts several special features including a soft closing lid, Child-Lock safety, and several multi wash programs. It is also a good choice if you have limited space.