What is the Best Automatic Washing Machine in Pakistan?

The automatic washing machine is available in various sizes, capacities, and prices. Generally, a nine-kilogram capacity washing machine is good for families of five or less, whereas a ten-kilogram capacity machine is appropriate for larger families. Orient’s Automatic Super is among the most popular automatic machines, but if you want a larger capacity, you should look for a larger model. However, the best automatic washing machine in Pakistan will depend on your needs and your budget.

Kenwood has been in the home appliances business for a long time. The company has a wide range of high-quality household appliances, including automatic washing machines. The Kenwood Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Dryer is one of the best-selling models in Pakistan. Its plastic construction ensures a firm grip, and its large pulsator produces a powerful spin to wash clothes. The Kenwood Automatic and Drying Machine is price at Rs. 64,400 in the country.

Super Asia has been manufacturing washing machines in Pakistan for years and is popular with mothers across the country. The brand’s washers known for their energy-saving feature, water drain knob, and shockproof plastic body. This makes them more durable. The price range for this model is currently around Rs. 69500. For those who cannot afford the Samsung WA11T5260BYURT, a fully automatic washing machine with a high water-flow capacity, and energy-efficient technology, is a great choice.

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