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Changhon Ruba LED TV 43 Inches – U43H7KI


Changhon Ruba LED TV 50 Inches – U50H7KI


Changhong Ruba LED 32 Inches – L32H7KI


Changhong Ruba LED 32 Inches – L32H7N


Changhong Ruba LED 32 inches – L40H7KI


Changhong Ruba LED 55 Inches – U55H7KI


Changhong Ruba LED TV 40 Inches – L40H7N


EcoStar LED 32 Inches – 32U870 A +


EcoStar LED 32 Inches CX-32U860 A +


EcoStar LED 39 Inches CX-39U573 A +


EcoStar LED 40 Inches CX-40U860 A +


EcoStar LED 43 Inches CX-43UD951 A +


EcoStar LED 50 Inches CX-50UD901 A +


EcoStar LED 55 Inches CX-55UD950 A +


EcoStar LED 55 Inches CX-55UD960 A +


EcoStar LED 65 Inches CX-65UD951 A +


EcoStar UHD LED TV 43 Inches – 43UD940


Hisense LED 32 Inches – 32E5100EX


Hisense LED 32 Inches – 32E5600EA


Hisense LED 49 Inches – 49M2160


Hisense UHD LED 50 Inches – 50U7A


itel G321 Smart 32″ inch Android TV


itel G431 Smart 43″ Android TV


itel G551 Smart 55″ Android TV


Best Featured LED TV in Pakistan

We have the best LED TV features all over Pakistan. If you want an accurate image of your favourite TV shows, dramas, movies, series and seasons, you can have these smart TVs for your bedrooms, drawing room and TV launch. LED TV is the most attractive monitor and in every form, it’s the favourite of all people and ages. You can enjoy your family time while watching Netflix on TV. Family is the priority of a man, and family time is the most relaxing time of the day. When a man comes home, he wants to have some quality time with his family and he’ll enjoy his free time with them, but for that you need a good graphic monitor. Here we have many categories of LED smart TV. Some features are mentioned below,

Smart TV 

These days, most smart TVs have built-in smart features. It depends on the brand you buy for yourself. The brand you buy will have the quality and graphics accordingly. As people say, “the best thing is better than the cheaper one”.

We have the best graphic LED TVs that you can buy with all your heart. You’ll be satisfied watching HD pixels programs on your TV. TVs are available in all sizes and inches.

Sizes Available

We have LED TVs in all sizes:

  • 65 inch TV
  • 55 inch TV 
  • 32 inch TV 
  • 32 inch LED TV and Smart LED 
  • 24 inch LED and smart TVs 
  • 40 inch TV 
  • 60 inch smart TV

The prices of these smart LED TVs are also reasonable that anyone can afford. They all have good features and you can check other websites and then return to our product, we are sure you’ll let us know how good they are. The prices for all these sizes are almost between 100k to hundred and 10k, which are more than reasonable. 

In today’s words, a smartphone ranges above 1 or 2 lacks and these TVs have a large screen and comfortable image. You can have a clear image of what you’re watching on your TV. 

LED TV all over Pakistan

All over Pakistan, TV is the most watchable monitor. In our houses, our parents especially old parents watch TV programs all day. In that case, their eyesight becomes weaker. It would help if you had something like a shield to protect them from sight loss. Our LED TVs have protective shields on the top of the screen, so that elders and children are not affected by it. 

High-Quality Products of 

We have high-quality products and all products are easy to operate. You can watch 2D and 3D movies on your smart LED TV at home and no need to go outside. You can entertain yourself sitting at home, watching your highly graphic TV programs and movies.

You have many other advanced features of our products. We provide you with a book along with every product that can help you to operate machinery easily. It can help you to reach the functions of the products you don’t know.