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Dawlance 9178 LF Avante Noir Refrigerator


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Dawlance 9173 WB Chrome Refrigerator


Dawlance SBS 600 Refrigerator


Dawlance DW 650 Inverter Refrigerator


Dawlance 91999 Avante+ Inverter Refrigerator


Dawlance 9193 LF Chrome Pro Refrigerator


Dawlance 9191 WB Chrome Pro Refrigerator


Dawlance 9178 LF Chrome Pro Refrigerator


Dawlance 9173 WB E-Chrome Refrigerator


Dawlance Fridge Price in Pakistan November 2023

Dawlance fridge price in Pakistan is Rs. 72,300 and the average price of Dawlance fridge in Pakistan is Rs. 86,400. You can now buy your favorite Dawlance fridge in Pakistan at Aysonline at 0% EMI (easy monthly installments) for 6 months. If you are looking for a high-quality fridge, check out top brands at Aysonline website. The company takes its design hints from nature. It incorporates smart features like Nature Lock that intelligently controls airflow and humidity levels for longer food freshness. With this feature, you can get up to 20 days of food freshness.

The Nature Lock feature of the Dawlance Refrigerator is also an eco-friendly feature that stimulates sunlight to keep high vitamins A and C in fruits and vegetables. This unique system is also available in the H-Zone series, preventing bacterial growth and ensuring double freshness time. You can get the best Dawlance refrigerator price in Pakistan from Aysonline.

Dawlance Mini Fridge Price in Pakistan

Dawlance refrigerators are available in different capacities. The LVS series refrigerator has 1944, 9170 WB, and 9175 WB models. The cheapest model is 1944, which has a capacity of 350 liters and about 12.4 cubic feet. These models are available with a wide variety of features. The units are ideal for a small space because they store a large amount of food. You can get the best Dawlance mini fridge price in Pakistan from Aysonline.

Vitamin Fresh technology keeps fruits and vegetables fresh. The innovative technology also boosts your immune system and helps you maintain a healthy diet. The Dawlance refrigerator is the most energy-efficient in Pakistan. They offer all the features you need for a healthy and convenient kitchen. You can choose between manual and automatic temperature controls.

Dawlance French Door Fridge

The Dawlance French Door Dfd900 is Pakistan’s only four-door deep frost refrigerator. It comes with a 12-year compressor and one-year parts warranty. You can get same-day delivery in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar. It has several unique features that will make your life easier. You will be amazed at how fresh your fruits and vegetables stay.

There are many reasons to purchase a Dawlance refrigerator from Aysonline. Its durability, reliability, and affordable prices make it one of the best refrigerators in Pakistan. The company has been serving the country for over three decades and considered the best refrigerator. Dawlance refrigerator quality and durability are unmatched. The company has three manufacturing facilities in Karachi and two in Hyderabad, with approximately 4,000 employees. The products are a great addition to any kitchen. So, you will feel confident in buying a Dawlance refrigerator.

Dawlance Double Door Fridge Price in Pakistan

When it comes to double door refrigerator prices, you should look no further than the official dealer of Dawlance Aysonline. We have range of Dawlance double door fridge available on best prices. Dawlance two door fridges are renowned for its dependability and quality, and it has one of the largest networks of service centers and dealerships in Pakistan. With a price range starting from 41,000 Rupees (PKR), these refrigerators are a great buy for any budget.