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In 2021, Changhong air conditioners shipments and sales projected to increase 22% and 38%, respectively, according to industry estimates. In terms of average price, Changhong’s market share expected to increase 19%. Furthermore, the company’s products are price below the industry average, which translates into higher profits for the company. These figures indicate that Changhong air conditioners are outperforming the Pakistani market in terms of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

To help its consumers make informed decisions, Changhong Air Conditioning is releasing its first shared air conditioning unit for the restaurant scene. This product opens a new sub-category in the air-conditioning industry and sets a new benchmark for the industry. In 2022, Changhong will release two new air conditioner models, the Pringle and the Home Air Conditioning Scenario Solution. These products are both effective and affordable, helping home, office and restaurants stay cool throughout the summer.

While other air conditioner manufacturers may focus on a single aspect of air conditioning, Changhong has a more comprehensive and streamlined approach to the guest restaurant market. Their products are gear toward consumers, which is why they have developed a long-range approach to living room meals. In addition, they offer a good service warranty. The company’s customer service is also the best, which makes it a valuable investment for customers.

The Pakistan air conditioner market has grown rapidly in recent years, and Changhong Air Conditioners is no exception. The company’s product development strategy goes beyond delivering an air conditioner. The brand is focusing on user research and developing products based on different life scenarios. The company has developed products to make different types of households more comfortable and convenient. Get your favorite affordable Changhong air conditioner from Aysonline.