Orient Washing Machine Price in Pakistan, Updated May 28, 2024

Orient Washing Machines and Dryers made to make your washing task easy and convenient. You can choose the program and select the temperature of the water to clean your clothes. Orient’s fully automatic models come with adjustable legs and transparent lids. These washers also have rustproof bodies and feature air-drying. They can accommodate a variety of loads, from six to twelve kilograms. All Orient washing machines and dryers use low-voltage power sources and are equipped with the necessary accessories.

The Orient Twister Series features advanced features and heavy-duty specifications. The machine comes with different wash and drying capacities. These machines have a capacity ranging from eight kg to 12 kg, making them perfect laundry partners. Moreover, they come with child locks, auto-balance, and proper power voltage, so you can always use them without worrying about their power consumption. This means you do not have to worry about running out of hot water because of a low water level.

Orient is a renowned brand in Pakistan, and the company’s home appliances line has something for everyone. These products are made of high-quality components, such as stainless steel and aluminum. Orient’s machines also known for their affordability and easy to use features. Some of their best features include auto-balance and child lock, magic cleaning filter, and wash and rinse modes. The washing machines are also available in a variety of sizes and capacities, and many of them feature self-diagnostic features.

Orient Twister Super Washing Machine

Orient Washing Machines and Dryers made with premium features and heavy-duty specifications. The Orient Twister Super Washing Machine, priced at Rs 39500, comes with air-drying and magic filter. The auto-balance feature makes it an indispensable laundry partner. The Orient Twister Series features a powerful 180W power motor with a dual-voltage power supply. This machine is great for people who are trying to save money while doing laundry.

The Orient Auto 10 Super Grey Washing Machine, a top-quality model, is one of the best washing machines in Pakistan. It is equipped with numerous useful features and heavy-duty specifications. With a magic filter, you can wash clothes without touching them. Its auto-balance feature enables you to wash clothes quickly and efficiently. Apart from the auto-balance, Orient washers and dryers have many features to suit every household.

Orient washing machines and Dryers Price in Pakistan

Orient washing machines and dryers are available at best price in Pakistan from Aysonline website, built to be easy to use and are highly durable. The auto-balance option is especially convenient for families with small children. This washing machine also offers a large capacity and a variety of wash programs. The Orient automatic 10-kg machine comes with a magic filter and adjustable leg, with a self-diagnostic feature and multiple options. There are several models for different needs.

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