Orient Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan, Updated May 27, 2024

Orient Water Dispensers are the best way to ensure that your home is water-free and safe for your family. The brand offers several models with several attractive features, including child safety lock and thermostat refrigerator. They also come with room-temperature water that is suitable for daily use. With the Precise Temperature Control System, they can maintain the water temperature for longer periods. Moreover, they can easily clean with water. Get best Orient Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan from Aysonline.

There are two types of Orient water dispensers, which are design for a single tap or multiple taps. The two-tap model has a cool cabinet to store cold water while the three-tap model is perfect for use in a multi-tap bathroom. All Orient water dispensers are equipped with a powerful compressor by Danfoss, a Swedish company known for its durable compressors. Most Orient water dispensers have a sturdy structure and a one-year warranty to protect against defects. The 3-tap models include Crystal Campaign Glass Door 3 and Aqua 3 Snow White. Most models have cool tank capacities of more than three liters, with hot tank capacity of about one liter.

Energy Saving Water Dispensers

Orient water dispensers are an excellent choice for homes and offices as they offer a combination of features. They are very energy-efficient and will only require a replacement part once every few years. Most Orient water dispensers are price reasonably and come with a warranty. You can buy them online at a competitive price from Aysonline.pk, which makes them a great option for home or office use. It is also a good idea to compare prices before making your final decision.

The price of Orient water dispensers is quite affordable. They range from Rs. 19,400 in Pakistan to Rs. 21,000 online. With one-year warranties, Orient water dispensers are worth the investment. They are easy to install and use. Besides, the price tag for Orient water dispensers is quite low. You can buy one of the Orient models at a discounted price. They are also very durable.

Orient water dispensers are extremely durable. They are also highly economical. Most of these models only need to be replace once or twice in a lifetime. The cheapest Orient water dispensers are highly recommended for homes in Pakistan as they made with quality components. They are also very affordable. The price of Orient water dispensers is competitive in the market. If you are looking for an elegant water dispenser, consider this brand.

Orient water dispensers are renowned for their performance and stylish designs. They are very affordable for people on a tight budget. The Orient Crystal Glass Door 3 tap water dispenser has a streamlined design and offers hot and cold water for drinking. The Orient water dispensers made with high quality materials and can be used anywhere. These water dispensers can be pair with any type of Orient home appliances. A perfect Orient dispenser will make your life easier.

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Orient (Mitsubishi) OWD-531B Water Dispenser with Hot & Cold Options

Original price was: ₨45,455.Current price is: ₨40,000.

Orient (Mitsubishi) Icon 2 Water Dispenser & Mini Refrigerator with Hot & Cold Feature

Original price was: ₨37,500.Current price is: ₨33,000.

Orient Water Dispenser Icon 3 Mesh Grey

Original price was: ₨38,409.Current price is: ₨33,800.