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Kitchen Hob Price in Pakistan April 2024

The lowest Kitchen Hob price in Pakistan is Rs. 5,800 and the average price is Rs. 26,50. Hobs are closed spaces that use fuel to heat items or space. They commonly used for cooking purposes. In Pakistan, there are many types of hobs brands available, among them the popular brands are Aardee, Care, Dawlance, Fotile, Goldenfuji, Haier, NasGas, Super Asia, Vatti and Welcome. The most common types of kitchen hobs are gas and electric. You can get best price on kitchen hob from Aysonline.

An older version of the term refers to a pot size burner. This name derived from a word meaning "small devil". In modern British English, the cooktop referred to as "hob." It is also a steel plate on a gas burner that helps to equalize the heat of a pot. However, modern hobs are much larger than these. If you're looking to buy a new one, be sure to check with a local retailer about which kind is best suited to your kitchen design.

Difference in Hob and Stove

While hobs and gas stoves have similar functions, there are several differences between them. Modern gas hobs tend build to European standards and offer more functionality than their traditional counterparts. However, they can also have a low gas flame. If you're concerned about gas safety, you'll want to choose a kitchen hob with an appropriate flame. If you're buying a gas hob, check whether it meets these standards.