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Sencor Fan Heater SFH 8010


Sencor Fan Heater SFH 7010


Sencor Convector SCF 2003


Sencor Convector SCF 2001


Sencor Electric Patio Heater 760BK


Sencor Electric Patio Heater 1090BK


Sencor Ceramic Heater 9010


Sencor Ceramic Heater 8012


Sencor Ceramic Heater 8011


Sencor Heater Price in Pakistan

If you are in Pakistan and want to purchase a Sencor Heater, you must know about its price. This heater is available at various price ranges in Pakistan. Here, we will be discussing some of its features and Sencor Heater price in Pakistan. Let us also see how these heaters work and how they help you stay warm. We have also mentioned about the warranty and durability of Sencor Heaters. They are great and provide a good quality heat.

First, you should know that you could buy a Sencor Heater in Pakistan at reasonable price with good features. You should also know the type of heater you need. There are convection heaters, fan-forced heaters, radiant heaters, patio heaters, etc. You should also know the wattage of the heater before you buy it. The other things to consider while buying the heater are its design and price.

You should be aware that Sencor heaters made from ceramic materials and they warm up your room instantly. The Sencor Ceramic Heater comes in attractive black color with PTC heating element and dual heat settings. This model is cool to touch and has dual heat settings. Its price is around eight thousand rupees in Pakistan. However, you can find more powerful heater models in Pakistan at lower price. There are many advantages of Sencor Heaters and you can choose them according to your requirement.