Can I run a fridge on solar power?

In order to determine the amount of power your fridge will use, you should check its Energy Guide label. It can found inside the instruction manual or online, or you can contact the manufacturer directly. A second sticker usually found at the back. The label tells you how much power your refrigerator uses on an annual basis. It will also indicate how many solar panels or batteries you will need. Then, you can work out how much power your fridge requires to run.

A 150-watt solar panel and a 200-watt battery generator recommended. A good solar panel produces enough electricity to keep your fridge running for up to eight hours. Make sure to have a backup battery to ensure you are ready for the worst-case scenario. You do not want to depend on your solar panel alone for that long, so it is best to have one. Choosing a bigger solar panel will help you maximize your energy harvest, as well as your battery charge.

Before you begin putting solar panels on your home, you should estimate how much power your fridge uses each year. Most fridges have a yellow tag that shows their nameplate ratings. The nameplate rating is the average kilowatts per year and the estimated cost to power your refrigerator with solar power. A 100-watt solar panel can supply that short-term load. The higher the voltage, the more appliances you can run off one panel.

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