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Challenges to E-commerce in Pakistan and Aysonline.pk

(post) Challenges to E-commerce in Pakistan and Aysonline.pk

The challenge of e-commerce is growing rapidly all over the world. In Pakistan, there are dozens of an online marketing company who sale their products online. Moreover, in Pakistan, there is difficult to find authentic things with online shopping. Mostly Online shopping stores don’t offer good quality products. There are many sales for them but they all are spam. Because people don’t believe in authentic and hard-working websites. That’s why there are many trust issues with the buyers.

Non-customers-centric policies

In Pakistan, the growth of e-commerce is increasing no doubt but on the other hand, most customers have trust issues. The ones who are an owner of every website should pay attention to the safety and security of their customers. Building trust is the most important part of online sales. The owner of the website can’t build long-term relationships with their customers by giving them high-quality products. If they have extraordinary materialistic things, why someone goes to another online website? We – Aysonline.pk give you the warranty of our every product and give you surety that you would like our products and you’ll shop again. We have discounted deals for all our customers so that every class should buy machinery from our store -Aysonline.pk. There are many problems for the end-users to choose the right online website for them. So Yes! You can shop with us at reasonable costs and we give you an authentic platform to order your favorite things and have them on your doorstep.

High delivery charges

Most of the websites have the policy to deliver things on delivery charges. Most of the poor men don’t afford many extra expenses of delivery charges and all. This is maybe the reason some people deny ordering things online with delivery charges. We take care of your requirements and we offer you free delivery or a very less amount to deliver on your door footsteps. If you order from online cards like jazz cash, Easypaisa, or any other payment from bank cards, then you don’t have to give delivery charges at all. Moreover, once you’ve got the trust of your customers then they will become active participants for you and they will get anything even with delivery charges.

E-commerce fraud in Pakistan

You should have much knowledge while ordering something for you and firstly you have to find that, is this website sale authentic things or not. People throw reviews in the comments sections so that you may read them and have an idea of products before placing an order. As much as e-commerce is increasing, the growth of spam/fraud people is also increasing. People know that today’s men mostly rely on online shopping so that they come up with fraud pages and accounts. Sometimes they deliver you defective items and then block buyers so that they can’t claim anyone. The things they deliver are different from the things they display on their platform or web page. But these spam websites should be banned in Pakistan by Government so that the one who does work hard they can’t get disappointed.

Lack of awareness

There is a lack of awareness among 75% of the population all over Pakistan. Almost 25% of people are aware of online marketing or online shopping. More than half people of Pakistan are not aware of buying online things. I know it’s a difficult task to build trust among those who are not into, buying online products. They don’t trust online websites. A few years ago there were no qualified or protected payment methods but now in this modern world, there are several methods of paying online with debit cards or by Easypaisa and jazz cash account. Websites also allow people to give payments after delivery. So now it’s a bit easy and safe for those who question payment method and their insecurities.

Active customer care services in Pakistan

Our website takes care of our customer’s requirements and their demands. We deliver you the best quality products. For sure, the ones who saw things in your house will question you about it and will buy them from us afterward. Our team will look after and recheck your order before sending it to deliver to you. Plus the handsome discounts on every product will push you toward us.

Delivery on time

We are responsible and efficient in sending you, your order on time. You have seen many websites that take more than 1 week to deliver to your footsteps. Our website especially takes care of sub unconvinced of our customers and clients. We sign contracts before making websites, to send orders on time. We have partnerships with many TCS and leopard Businessmen.

Government proved website

Before making a webpage or starting an online marketing business an authentic and tested website will make sure to prove their website from the government to sell things all over Pakistan. When your website becomes verified it would be easier for you to grow your business in Pakistan. Our website is verified by Government and we built trust among you by sending you genuine products online.


Our website is a verified and authentic website all over Pakistan. We deliver, your delivery within 2 to 4 days. You don’t have to go to other websites on the internet. You may find your interest at our Official website Aysonline.pk. We offer you extremely high material electrics machines and other home appliances. And the best feature is that we give you a warranty that you’ll replace or exchange things before their warranty dew date. You can visit our page and explore more things for yourself.


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