Welcome Cooking Range WC-1000


– Five Prime Dye Casted Burners (1 Large, 2 Medium, 2 Small)
– Non Magnetic Stainless Steel Top, Panel & Magnec Sides
– High Sense Double Way Thermostat
– Tempered Front Glass
– Top Transparent Tempered Glass
– Electric Auto Ignitor
– Steel High Finish Door Handle And Glass Sections

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If you are looking for a perfect cooking range for baking , Welcome Cooking range is the best solution for you. Stove burners and ovens are two seperate kitchen appliances used for cooking and baking respecctively, but now you can use the WELCOME cooking range for baking and cooking as it has both the fucntionalities along with a beautiful design adding more beauty to your kitchen.

For cooking purpose Welcome cooking range has 5 burner design, which gives you extra space for cooking on a large scale. To protect the cooking range from rust or corrosion it is coated with non magnetic stainless steel material along with tempered glass top, for extra strength.

In the baking section of the Welcome cooking range, it has a high sense double way thermostat and a tempered front glass providing maximum insulation, thus baking the food itmes in lesser time.

Along with all this features, this cooking range also has an electric auto ignitor for lighting up all  the burners and oven by just turning a single knob. For opening the glass door it has a high quality steel handle which always stays cook while cooking or baking.




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