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Smartphones for All Scheme: Pakistan’s Vision for Digital Inclusion

Smartphones for All Scheme Pakistan


The Government of Pakistan has unveiled an ambitious program called the Smartphones for All Scheme, aiming to provide affordable smartphones to citizens across the country. Recognizing the transformative power of mobile technology, this initiative seeks to bridge the digital divide, enhance connectivity, and promote digital inclusion among all segments of society. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this groundbreaking scheme and explore its potential impact on the lives of millions.

Federal Minister Amin-ul-Haque announced that anyone can obtain a smartphone on easy interest-free installments through the “Smartphone For All” scheme. He also explained that no guarantees are required.

The Importance of Digital Inclusion

In today’s interconnected world, access to digital technologies is crucial for economic, social, and educational advancement. Unfortunately, many individuals, particularly those from marginalized communities and rural areas, face barriers that prevent them from benefiting from these opportunities. The Smartphones for All Scheme is a bold step towards addressing this digital divide and ensuring that every citizen has access to the tools and resources necessary for their personal and professional growth.

The government recently launched a program that will help low-income Pakistanis purchase smartphones on installments. The program, called “Smartphone for All,” launched by Federal Minister of Information Technology Syed Amin-ul-Haque in partnership with GSMA and Pakistan’s leading installment payment service KistPay. Under the scheme, anyone can obtain a smartphone by depositing 20-30 percent of the total cost. Applicants do not need to provide any guarantees or undergo a lengthy application process. The smartphones sold on 3 to 12 months interest-free installments.

According to the CCO of Jazz, Asif Aziz, the new program will benefit over 50 million people in Pakistan who have not yet been able to afford a mobile phone. It will also promote digital adoption and unlock tremendous socio-economic opportunities for the masses. The company has implemented an eligibility check process on its website, where users can determine whether they are eligible to apply for the scheme.

Promoting Socio-economic Empowerment

The Smartphones for All Scheme holds the potential to bring about significant socio-economic empowerment for individuals across Pakistan. By providing affordable smartphones, the government enables citizens to tap into the vast possibilities of the digital age. With access to smartphones, individuals can explore e-commerce, online job opportunities, and digital entrepreneurship, regardless of their location or economic background. This initiative can create a level playing field, unlock economic potential, and stimulate innovation and growth in the country.

Advancing Education and Skills Development

One of the key beneficiaries of the Smartphones for All Scheme will be the education sector. Access to smartphones empowers students with the ability to access digital learning resources, educational apps, and online courses. This, in turn, enhances their learning experience and equips them with the skills required for the modern job market. The scheme can revolutionize education by enabling remote learning, bridging educational gaps, and promoting lifelong learning opportunities.

Accelerating Digital Services and E-Governance

The Smartphones for All Scheme aligns with Pakistan’s vision of digital transformation and e-governance. As more citizens gain access to smartphones, the government can provide digital services more effectively and efficiently. This includes e-banking, e-commerce, digital payments, and online government services. By promoting the use of smartphones, the scheme encourages citizens to engage with e-governance initiatives, such as digital identification, online documentation, and virtual civic participation. This digital transformation can streamline bureaucratic processes, reduce corruption, and foster a more transparent and efficient governance system.

There are a number of ways to buy mobiles on installment in Pakistan, but the most convenient is to use e-commerce websites that offer flexible payment plans. The majority of these websites allow you to pay in installments and even finance your phone completely. In addition, these sites have a wide selection of different models and are guaranteed to be safe and secure.

Another option for buying mobiles on installment in Pakistan is to use the services offered by banks. These companies offer various EMI schemes that can be used to purchase the latest mobile phones. These EMI schemes are designed to suit the budget of individuals of all income levels. They are available at all major banks in the country and include both prepaid and postpaid services. These schemes are also backed by the National Bank of Pakistan and have competitive rates.

Creating a Digital Ecosystem

The Smartphones for All Scheme not only benefits individual citizens but also contributes to the growth of a thriving digital ecosystem in Pakistan. Increased smartphone penetration stimulates demand for digital content, services, and applications. This, in turn, encourages the development of local digital industries, creating employment opportunities and driving economic growth. The scheme has the potential to nurture a vibrant startup culture, technological innovation, and digital entrepreneurship, positioning Pakistan as a hub for digital innovation in the region.


The Smartphones for All Scheme introduced by the Government of Pakistan is a bold and visionary step towards achieving digital inclusion and socio-economic empowerment. By ensuring affordable access to smartphones for all citizens, the scheme paves the way for bridging the digital divide, advancing education, promoting e-governance, and fostering a thriving digital ecosystem. The program reflects Pakistan’s commitment to harnessing the transformative power of technology to drive social progress and economic growth. As the scheme unfolds, we can expect to witness a significant positive impact on the lives of millions, empowering them to realize their full potential in the digital age.


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