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How Haier is inspiring our living style?

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Haier Products Inspiring Life!!

Technology can play a key role in the changing lifestyle of people so do Haier with its high-quality products at aysonline.pk, possessing the latest technologies for inspiring the living standards of its customers. Aysonline.pk provides a platform for all the products of Haier such as Air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and kitchen appliances, and gives a chance to the visitors to online order Haier products with free home delivery services.

Aysonline.pk with its 24/7 online services guides you toward the best Haier products and convenience.

Haier Products at aysonline.pk

Haier Inverter Air Conditioners:

Embedded with inverter technology, which not only saves energy but also gives two benefits of heat and cool in both winter and summer respectively.

Haier Washing Machines:

       Laundry becomes easier with Haier washing machines with the latest and upgraded technologies and three categories’, perfect for all types of consumers.

  1. Simple washing machine.
  2. Semi-automatic washing machines.
  3. Fully automatic washing machines.

Haier Kitchen Appliances:

Haier making kitchen chores more enjoyable by introducing the Haier kitchen Appliances with the latest innovations.


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