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Everything you need to know about Dawlance appliances in Pakistan

Dawlance 8 Kg DWF-8120 GR Inverter Automatic Washing Machine

When it comes to purchasing household appliances in Pakistan, we are frequently perplexed by issues such as which brand is the best? Whether the brand that was chosen is right? Of-course all of these thoughts come into one’s mind for trusting any brand and buying its products. The appliances of a proper brand that meets up our requirements is always kept prior to others.
In most cases, we prefer to seek assistance from professionals when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. It is critical to have a thought process before purchasing any item because a poor selection can have far-reaching consequences, and we can suffer greatly after paying a large sum of money. Electronics are an indisputable element of any home. They are regarded crucial components in every room of the house, from televisions to refrigerators. Choosing the best brand of devices to buy, on the other hand, is tough.
There are many Electronics brands in Pakistan, each of them has their own specifications and guarantee.


Dawlance is a local company that has made a name for itself in the electrical sector. Their air conditioners and refrigerators are among the best on the market, and they are also among the company’s best-selling electronic items. So, if you’re seeking for the best electronic goods for your new home, make a point of stopping by Dawlance. Dawlance, with its 40-year home appliance tradition in Pakistan, is very familiar with Pakistani consumers.
Refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines, water dispensers, and dishwashers are among Dawlance’s many products. More than 35% energy savings are promised, as well as an unrivalled ‘Grand Warranty’ and the broadest service network, with quality standards and best practices implemented at every level.

Dawlance products

Dawlance have constantly worked on upgrading its technology to increase productivity in every area of business, in addition to customizing its products to match local usage trends. As a result, it places a premium on research and development.
For many years, these initiatives have allowed it to maintain price increases well below yearly inflation. It has also led in the production of innovative concepts and the filing of various patents that are currently awaiting approval. Here are some top products of Dawlance:


Refrigerators, according to Dawlance, should be owned by everyone. Its cost-effective pricing strategy provides an immediate solution to your food storage, ice, and cold-water needs. It has unveiled its all-new refrigerator series, a game-changing improvement that significantly raises the bar on innovation.
Dawlance promises to keep your food fresh and preserved for longer than you would imagine, thanks to three significant features:

  • Nature Lock Technology revitalizes and preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to 20 days, allowing consumers to maintain a balanced diet.
  • Vitamin Fresh Technology preserves vitamin A and C in fruits and vegetables by simulating the natural sun cycle with RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lights in the refrigerator’s lower compartment (crisper).
  • Hybrid Cooling Technology keeps the fridge at the right temperature in every corner and improves air circulation.


Washing machines

Heavy loads can be washed without fear of voltage fluctuations. Dawlance washing machines bring a more intelligent option to the market, ensuring that electricity issues do not get in the way of neat and clean clothes. It has different types of washing machines such as:

Top Load automatic washing machine

You can save money and time by using Dawlance fully automatic washing machines.
The ES Series Large Capacity for Broad Household Glass Door saves up to 38% energy.
Dawlance automatic washing machines have the technology of Three Waterfalls, Fabric Drum, Extreme Plus Air Dryer Pro and the warranty of one year.

Automatic Front-Load Washing Machine

Dawlance Washer Dryer ensures thorough drying with a heating mechanism while using the least amount of energy possible thanks to European standards.

Washing Machine (Semi-Automatic)

With its dependable and easy-to-use washing machines, Dawlance’s semi-automatic line provides all the ease you need when doing laundry.

Washer and spinner

Dawlance’s washer line improves your washing experience by combining convenience and style.
Thanks to Dawlance spinning washing machines, you can say goodbye to extended wash cycles.

Microwave ovens

After a long day, are you hungry? With the click of a button, your dinner will be ready in a flash. Do you have a lot of food to defrost for dinner? Don’t worry, Dawlance have got you covered with its microwave. It fulfills all of your heating, cooking, and baking needs in seconds and provide most affordable price range for Pakistani citizens. Food may be heated and defrosted in minutes. Dawlance provide supreme quality with different series of Microwaves, here are the following.

Heating series

This series model is designed to assist you in the kitchen by heating and defrosting your food.

Cooking series

For typical or big Pakistani families, the cooking series includes options for heating, defrosting, and cooking food.

Baking series

The baking series offers a variety of baking alternatives, such as cake baking and pizza baking, which is ideal for Pakistani families who enjoy cakes, pizzas, and other baked goods.

Series of Air Fryer

With its air fryer technology, which is the most cutting-edge technology in this century, this series is ideal for health-conscious people.
You may obtain all of the works from the previous series with this series. Furthermore, you can easily and quickly air fry with just one drop of oil.

Air conditioners

The Dawlance AC inverter series is the ideal blend of utility and aesthetics for enhancing the look and feel of any environment. Dawlance offers the most energy-efficient air conditioners that also provide outstanding cooling. The Dawlance conditioners provide excellent value for money, especially when you consider the features and the lengthy guarantee and insurance that come with the bundle. Its high-efficiency compressor technology, backed by the industry’s best warranty, ensures you have the greatest experience possible. It comes in following series:

Series of Inverters

Summers and bills are no longer a problem with the new Dawlance Inverter Range. With its new Inverter AC line, you can save up to PKR 30,000 each year. This season, its Advanced Typhoon Air Technology, with larger indoor and greater air throw, provides a comprehensive solution for dealing with the heat.

The Non-Inverter Series

The design, durability, and convenience of a non-inverter split air conditioner are all combined. This model is a must-have because of its elegant glass design, low-voltage support, and high-efficiency compressor.

Final Verdict

Dawlance includes all the household appliances from floor care to breakfast and beverages, with satisfaction of quality and affordability. Aysonline.pk introduces Dawlance’s various household appliances, including air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and deep freezers, as well as kitchen appliances including food processors, toasters, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and more. All of the products are available at aysonline.pk, the most reliable online shopping website in Pakistan, which offers 24/7 support in selecting the best products to meet your needs. Order dawlance home appliances from aysonline and get free delivery to your home anywhere in Pakistan.


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