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If you are interested in best quality and durable home appliances, Gree Pakistan is the company for you. With advanced technology and environmentally friendly appliances, Gree is the number one choice of consumers in Pakistan. The Company is also the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world, boasting 126 research institutions. In Pakistan, the company offers a heat pump and self-cleaning technology, which helps it become the most trusted brand in home electronics.

GREE is an international company with headquarters in Zhuhai, China. It has nine production bases worldwide, seven of which are in China. The remaining two are in Brazil and Pakistan. The Company also has five renewable resources production bases in Changsha. It employs more than 70,000 people globally. Its products include air conditioners, fans, heating systems, and electrical appliances. The organization is committed to providing high-tech products to the global community.

The Company’s research have led to many of the leading technological innovations in air-conditioning. Its GMV digital VRF system was the first in the world, replacing an air conditioning product that was previously unavailable from a Chinese enterprise.

Gree Pakistan

In Pakistan Gree is committed to provide high-quality products to consumers at the best possible prices. It has nine production bases worldwide, including Pakistan, and employs over 70,000 people. They also conduct research and development projects in various fields and recognized by government of Pakistan and industry bodies for their excellence.

Gree Pakistan made significant advancements in home electronics. The company’s high quality, affordable products become the norm for consumers in Pakistan. The Company launched thousands of models since 1991, and continue to lead the industry in innovation with an opportunity to expand in the future.

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