Dawlance Hand Blender Price in Pakistan, Updated May 25, 2024

The Dawlance Hand Blender is an amazing kitchen appliance. It can perform multiple tasks, including blending, whipping, pureeing, and chopping. Because of its variable speed settings, this blender is ideal for various types of food. You can use it to make smoothies, ice cream, dressings, and more! The versatility of the Dawlance Hand Blender is truly unparalleled. You can even blend frozen fruit!

The basic hand blender can blend up delicious chutney and lassi, as well as many other everyday needs. Its buttons made from plastic, so they will not break or wear easily. This blender also has a programmable timer, so it’s perfect for those on the go. It can even use for the occasional party. With its simple design, the Dawlance Hand Blenders makes blending fun!

Dawlance hand blenders are perfect for short-term tasks. It can chop, puree soup, and whip up salad dressing. It makes blending food items fast and easy! You can use it to create delicious dishes and save countless hours in the kitchen. Its high-quality blades will blend ingredients into a smooth, creamy texture. You can blend ingredients until you’re satisfied with the result. Even if you don’t have the time or the kitchen space to devote to using a blender, a Dawlance hand beater can get the job done in less than 10 minutes.

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Dawlance Hand Blender 475

Original price was: ₨10,795.Current price is: ₨9,500.

Dawlance Hand Blender 875

Original price was: ₨14,205.Current price is: ₨12,500.