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Dawlance Electric Kettle Price in Pakistan

Having a Dawlance Electric Kettle in your kitchen is something you will be glad to have for best Dawlance electric kettle price in Pakistan from Aysonline online. Its 1.7-liter capacity allows you to make large amounts of tea or coffee. The kettle also features overheating and boil-dry protection, an automatic shut-off switch, and a lid cap with a button control. The heating element protected with an SS cover that helps prevent mineral accumulation and extends the lifespan of the appliance. The 360-degree cordless power base provides convenience when using the device.

The Dawlance Electric Kettle Price in Pakistan varies depending on the power and features. The power range is 1850W to 2200W. Some models have a built-in timer, which lets you set the kettle’s timer for an exact time. This feature will help you cook tea in less than a minute. The kettle also comes with a water level indicator and an automatic switch-off to conserve energy.

The electric kettle comes in several sizes and features. Some are small, while others have more capacity. Regardless of size, the two-liter model can yield approximately one liter of tea or coffee. To get the maximum amount of tea or coffee, you should leave about 20% of the capacity untouched. The wattage of an electric kettle will determine how quickly it boils water. A 1500-watt kettle can boil a liter of water in just five minutes.