Audionic Home Theater Price in Pakistan, Updated June 2024

Audionic has been providing high-quality audio products for more than a decade. Their multimedia products provide the best audio experience for you and your family. They have become a part of social gatherings in Pakistan, and their products are a true reflection of their quality. Audionic employs the latest enhanced technology and offers high-end devices to cater to your every need. You can get best Audionic Speakers and Home Theater Price in Pakistan from Aysonline.

The Audionic Home Theater Price ranges from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 20,800, depending on the features. The price range includes the Pace 8 5.1 channel speaker, the Classic 1 Mini Home Theater 2.0 Led Speaker, and the Cooper 5 (Brilliant Black) Bt-Home Theater 2.0. The brand was established in 2003 and today sells more than 200 products, including speakers, home theaters, headphones, and earphones.

The Audionic Cooper 9 home theater speaker is a great choice. This high-end model comes with a wooden body, and is best for those who enjoy perfect sound. The Audionic Cooper 9 features a high bass response and a 100w x 2 (RMS) power LED display. The frequency ranges from 40Hz to 16KHz. In addition to the 1.0 channel home theater speaker, the Cooper 9 also has a USB port for playback of music.

Audionic Speakers

The company has been making audio equipment for many years, and its products are truly exceptional. The company offers speakers in a variety of configurations, such as 5.1 channel, 4.1-channel, and Bluetooth-enabled. Those who are looking for 4 or 5.1-channel surround sound can opt for the Quad Bar 4 or Quad Bar 5. If you want a 3.1-channel surround-sound system, you can choose the BT-120.

Audionic is a brand of multimedia speakers, earphones, mp3 players, and more. There are speakers for home theatre, LED TVs, and mobile phones. The company also offers speakers designed for portables, such as the mini speaker. These are compact and light, making them perfect for carrying on the go. The company’s top-quality mini speakers include the Octane U-25, ECCO 3, and Alien Plus.

Audionic Speakers Price in Pakistan

If you are wondering how much audionic speakers cost in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve outlined the different types of Audionic speakers and what their prices are in Pakistan at Aysonline. In addition to their speaker prices, we also have a section that discusses portable speakers and Bluetooth speakers. The audionic speakers price in Pakistan varies, so you’ll want to shop around before making your purchase. However, these speakers do have some common features that you’ll likely find in other brand audio speakers.

The Audionic speaker price in Pakistan is very affordable, compared to the other brands. Its product range includes portable speakers, Bluetooth devices, and much more. It offers high-quality sound and clear voice. Additionally, it looks stylish and classy. If you’re looking for the best speakers for your needs, Audionic is a good choice. Audionic uses the latest technology to create quality speakers. You can also browse its entire catalogue for more information about the company and its products.

Audionic Bluetooth Speakers

If you are looking for a portable music system for your home or office, then you should consider buying the Audionic Bluetooth speakers. These devices can pair with any Bluetooth device and make wireless music playback possible. Audionic Bluetooth speakers are rechargeable and feature powerful batteries. You can also use them to dock your mobile phone. They are easy to use and provide excellent sound. The battery life of these speakers is very long and you can use them anywhere, even in a far space.

The audionic brand is one of the leading names in the market for Bluetooth speakers. You can find affordable models of this brand in Pakistan and elsewhere. You can also check out PriceOye for the best deals. However, be sure to check the warranty before purchasing one. The quality of Audionic Bluetooth speakers is not bad at all. However, you will have to buy a new one if you need to replace the old one. You can also get a warranty for the product, if you exchange the damaged one.

Audionic Portable Speakers Price in Pakistan

If you are looking for high-quality speakers at an affordable price, you might want to check out Audionic portable speakers. Audionic Pakistan is a renowned brand for its top-class products, including the REX-10 rechargeable portable speaker. This speaker is perfect for outdoor parties and gatherings as it offers amazing quality sound. It also has a rechargeable battery, making it easy to carry the device from one place to another.

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Audionic Vision 15+ Speakers with With Bluetooth, FM Radio, USB/microSD Card Support & Wireless Remote

Original price was: ₨17,045.Current price is: ₨15,000.

Audionic Flex F-600 2.1 Speaker

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