Kenwood Hand Blender Price in Pakistan, Updated June 13, 2024

There are many advantages to owning a Kenwood Hand Blender. With the variable speed option, boost button, and mashing tool, you can create a variety of drinks. Although a hand blender has its advantages, it is easy to use. If you use it incorrectly, the product will splash out of the beaker. This is because it lacks a pouring lip. The Kenwood beater has many safety features for efficient blending.

The first feature that makes the Kenwood Hand Blenders so convenient is the tri-blade technology. This technology allows the blender to crush, mash, and mince a variety of foods. Another advantage is its warranty. It is not difficult to void the guarantee of quality if you’re not happy with it. The Kenwood Hand Blender series made of durable plastic and aluminium for a long-lasting performance. The various attachments make blending foods easy.

Another feature of Kenwood hand blenders is their Triblade system. It is the first hand blender with three blades. Each blade sweeps through three different paths, which creates 3 levels of cutting per rotation. For added convenience, the Triblade also has 6 blending ribs on the blending foot for more thorough mixing. In addition, the 450-watt motor can power several attachments. Whether you are looking for a basic blender or something a little more advanced, the Kenwood hand mixer can handle the job.

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Kenwood Hand Mixer HMP-22

Original price was: ₨17,045.Current price is: ₨15,000.