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Established in 1991, Boss Pakistan is a leading home appliance manufacturer in the country. The company has a strong record of accomplishment and a reputation for producing high-precision products with innovative designs. It has a dedicated research and development team and over eighteen years of experience. They are committed to providing quality products and excellent service to their customers. Here is a list of some of the most popular products from Boss Pakistan.

The first product from Boss Pakistan is Pakson Int’l Plastic Ind., which founded in 1991. The company produces molded plastic steel furniture, household products, and molded flowerpots. Founded in 1992, this company maintains the highest standards of quality and integrity. Its reputation for excellence has spread throughout the country. This makes the company a sought-after brand in the region.

The company’s main product is plastic furniture and expanded to washing machines and dryers, instant electric geysers and other household products. The company’s philosophy base on honesty and quality and produces only the best products. Its mission is to provide its employees with the best possible work experience. Its employees can be confident knowing that they have the best working conditions and that their bosses have the best motivation to make them successful. Those who work for Boss Company Pakistan guaranteed to receive a positive work environment that will encourage innovation.