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Located in Karachi, Philips Pakistan manufactures both industrial and household electrical goods. The domestic appliances and personal care division produces air fryers, juicers, blenders, coffee makers, irons, epilators, grooming kit and garment steamers. In addition, the company manufactures LED lights, LED bulbs, and other consumer goods. The company is also a leading distributor of medical devices, including eyeglasses and hearing aids. This site includes a listing of all the locations where you can purchase or service products.

In 2004, Philips changed its slogan to “Sense and simplicity” and began advertising with this message. The company has since adopted a new brand slogan that focuses on the importance of innovation in the lives of Pakistanis. Despite the fact that the company is still a pioneer in technological development in Pakistan, it has continued to make strides in the country. Its logo is similar to its international counterparts, but it is more visually appealing.

The company’s logo has changed several times in recent years. In 2004, the company adopted a slogan focusing on the healthcare industry. This new slogan used until the year 2013. Its previous slogan, “Let’s make things better,” shortened to “Sense and simplicity”. This is a new version of the old one. In 2004, the Philips brand had been known by its employees under the following names: Sense and Simplicity”.