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Panasonic is a Japanese multinational corporation that produces many electronic products. Founded in 1918 in Osaka, Japan, Panasonic now has stores in over 50 countries. In Pakistan, the company headquartered in Lahore. Users can purchase a variety of products from its official store, as well as from the company’s website. Interested consumers can visit the Panasonic Pakistan Aysonline official website for more information. This company is a great place to purchase electronics.

In addition to its consumer electronics products, Panasonic is also expanding its distribution network with the opening of two brand showrooms in Karachi. This is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to increase its presence in the country and increase customers. As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, Panasonic has collaborated with local dealers to offer its products in the country. In Karachi, the company held a dealer convention, displaying its latest consumer appliances and offering touch-and-try demos. It has also organized a dealer appreciation ceremony at which commemorative shields presented to the dealers.

Panasonic Pakistan has also announced that it plans to launch a consumer campaign during Ramzan. The company is also committed to supporting local dealers. In Pakistan, the company has held a dealer convention that displayed its latest products and featured demonstrations of how to use them. It also hosted a commemorative shield ceremony to thank all the dealers and their continued support. In addition to this, it will hold events throughout the year to thank all dealers for their work.

Panasonic Pakistan and Pak Elektron Limited

The partnership between Panasonic Pakistan and Pak Elektron Limited is another example of the manufacturer’s commitment to the local market. The company has teamed up with PEL to distribute its products throughout Pakistan. Rising urbanization, growing middle-class population, and growing workforce have all contributed to the high demand for ACs in Pakistan. With 60 years of experience in the AC business, Panasonic and PEL will leverage their respective distribution networks to offer more options and meet the needs of the local market.

Throughout the country, Panasonic has collaborated with Pak Elektron Limited to launch a new partnership with the company’s local dealers. The two companies will work together to offer consumers diverse product offerings, and will provide the local market with an even larger selection of consumer electronics. With this partnership, the companies will be able to serve better the needs of Pakistani market. Whether they are working with a retail partner or collaborating with an independent company, both will benefit from the relationship between the two companies.

Panasonic Wide Range of Products in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Panasonic Mobile Communications manufactures mobile phone equipment, as well as other products. The company also manufactures lithium batteries, Blue-Ray Disks, PABXs, and air-conditioners. The company also distributes its products in the country. In Pakistan, Panasonic has collaborated with Mansha Brothers, the country’s leading celebrity chef, Shireen Anwar, to produce a series of television commercials for the brand. A few of the products that have aired on Masala TV are already on the air.