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The home appliances market in Pakistan dominated by Haier with a market share of 32 percent. Haier Pakistan is the leader in most of the major electronics categories. It is the only company in the country to produce locally assembled laptop computers. Among all the leading manufacturers, the Company is the most reliable and offers the best quality products. The Company has local assembly, and committed to improving the living standards of Pakistanis. The Company offers best after sales support services and you can find the Haier service center contact number from Aysonline.pk for support or registering complaint. The company continues to grow in Pakistan by providing quality products to a wide range of consumers. Their strong position has put an intense pressure on competitors.

Haier Pakistan

As it has been a booming industry in Pakistan, the company has developed a community engagement strategy to help its local competitor’s better market its products. The aim of this strategy is to make Haier Pakistan known as a high quality and caring brand in the country. The company’s CEO Zhang Ruimin believes that quality is the essence of business and he has succeeded in doing so

The company is committed to developing the local home appliance industry through its commitment to sustainability. Its vision is to improve the living standards of the country by introducing eco-friendly technologies and management methods. The company will make its products more environmentally friendly, helping to improve the quality of life in Pakistan. This commitment to improving the standard of living in Pakistan is a major reason why Haier Pakistan has rapidly gained popularity in the market.

Haier Pakistan Prices

The Company is one of the leading electronics brands in Pakistan, offers a huge variety of products at affordable prices. The Company prides itself on its quality products and their durability.  The prices are available on Aysonline.pk and can found by checking the product description or clicking the “buy now” button. You can find the lowest prices online at Aysonline.pk or haier.com website.