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Why aysonline is best choice for buying washing machines?

washing machines

Washing Machines

Washing machines are an excellent source of laundry but only if you have a brand mark and have the latest features. Aysonline gives you the opportunity to hold a washing machine for a variety of well-known products for clean washing.

aysonline.pk offers Haier and Super Asia washing machines in three different categories that are simple, automatic, and fully automated at an affordable price where everyone can meet the latest items.

Aysonline.pk provides simple washing machines that are best for normal domestic use as a semi-automatic washing machine contains two tub features, not for just washing but also for drying your clothes and ready to be used. Now comes the fully automatic washing machine having the latest features making your life easy and enjoyable. Order your favorite washing machines from aysonline.pk and get free home delivery all over Pakistan with the trusted payment methods via visa/MasterCard.

  1. Simple washing machine: Best for normal home use which washes the clothes by adding warm water and producing perfect detergent lather for the removal of dirt retains the color of the cloth.
  2. Semi-Automatic washing machine: In semi-automatic washing machines it is equipped with a timer controller for automatic on/off feature for saving energy along with a twin tub feature of washing and drying the clothes parallel.
  3. Fully Automatic washing machine: It is further divided into 2 subcategories: Top-load and Front-load.

The top-load washing machine has a long wash cycle removing stains and dirt easily with less usage of energy.

Front-load washing machines have extra heat function that heats up the water automatically with longer washing cycles along with energy efficiency.

Fully automatic washing machine also has a twin tub washing feature not only washing but also drying the clothes instantly.


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