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• Kills flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other insects
• Effective
• Power: 3000 Watts
• Eco friendly


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west point insect killer 7110 WF-7110  is available in the form of a trap that allows the occupants to live peacefully. It can be used in an effective way to kill crawling and flying insects anytime anywhere. This model provides everything related to our insect repellents, their correct maintenance, and safety and also curiosities about the mosquitoes, flies, and wasps that they seek to eliminate.

West point insect killer 7110 makes your home or office the best place to live. Plus it avoids the usage of highly toxic chemicals and also found to be eco-friendly. Mosquitoes and insects may become the cause of spreading diseases such as dengue.

To protect ourselves from such preditors you need an efficient device that not only protects you in the daytime but also gives a comfortable sleep in the nighttime. Super Asia insect killer is one of the most efficient devices which kills all the harmful insects that can harm you and your family without producing any harmful chemicals or poisonous vapors.

This Super Asia insect killer is economical to use as it consumes low power consumption thus no need to worry about the electric bills. While hunting the insects and mosquitoes it does not causes any odor or noise due to its odorless operation and silent feature.

Along with other features, it has high-quality electronic components for long-lasting working, suitable for all types of homes and offices.

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