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Pak Elektron Limited, or PEL, is a leading manufacturing giant in Pakistan. The company specializes in the production of major appliances, home electronics, and electrical equipment. In operation for over seven decades, the company continues to compete with global brands while striving to improve its operations and maintain its philosophy of innovation. Listed below are some of the company's top products:

PEL's production engineering team has implemented first-class production engineering practices that have helped the company improve its performance. PEL's staff is train to work towards the mutual benefit of the firm and their own personal growth. By developing their employees to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, Company has contributed to the restoration of Pakistan's prestige and status. Furthermore, the company is committed to the National Interest. If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your business in Pakistan, PEL is the right partner.

PEL Televisions

PEL's Television brand is a prime example of its innovativeness. The company owns three plants in the country and has a global presence. The company Power Division has three plants: a Transformer Plant, Switch Gear Plant, and Energy Meter Plant. It is ISO-9001:2000 certified. Through continuous innovation, the Group's Company has maintained its prominence and remained at the forefront of the engineering sector in Pakistan. Strategic affiliations with multinational corporations have allowed the company to incorporate the latest technology into their product lines. As a result, they are continually providing innovative and high-quality products to the Pakistani market.

PEL Deep Freezers

The Deep Freezers range in capacity from 175 liters to 370 liters. The company also produces a unique product known as a Twin Freezer. This appliance combines two separate compartments, one freezer and one refrigerator, and is available in two sizes. The company's Deep Freezers have proven to be the most popular choice of major multinational ice-cream companies in Pakistan.

PEL Refrigerators

The Company is well-known in Pakistan for its energy saving technology. Its low-voltage refrigerator saves electricity bills by up to 55%, which is significant compared to other refrigerators. The energy-saving technology of PEL refrigerators makes them equally efficient and does not require stabilizers to run. With energy-saving features, PEL refrigerators have become the most popular in Pakistan.

PEL Air Conditioners

The Company began manufacturing window-type air conditioners in the mid-1980s, in a technical partnership with General Corporation of Japan. Since then, the air conditioners manufactured by PEL have gained an enviable position in the market. They also have a dedicated division for split-type air conditioners, with the PEL Crystal holding 30% of the market in Pakistan. The company's power division is comprised of Transformers, Switchgears and Energy Meters.