Super Asia – Parabolic Fan Heater SH1025

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  • Instant Heating
  • 500-1000W Power Input
  • Safety Tip-Over Switch
  • Auto-Off Function
  • Low Noise Level
  • 1.8m Cord Lenght
  • Non-Melting Protective Plug
  • Heat Resistant Mesh
  • Wide Angle Oscillation

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SUPER ASIA Parabolic Fan Heater SH1025 Qualities:

Everyone wants innovation in technology with the best qualities and optimal performance. To match all the modern-day needs Super Asia proudly presents Super Asia Parabolic Fan Heater SH1025 with the latest technologies and maximum output rate.

It is famous for its instant heating functionality by its 500- 1000 W power input making your room heat up in no time.

No need to worry about the children’s and rooms’ safety, as it has a tip-over switch functionality and turns off automatically when it is tilted to a certain angle to prevent fire and shock.

Super Asia Parabolic fan heater is perfect for domestic use because it has a low noise level features which will not disturb you while sleeping.

Along with a non-melting plug, a 1.8-meter long cord length gives you free hand to connect the switch to the plug. the heat of the Super Asia parabolic fan heater reaches all the corners of the room due to its wide-angle oscillation feature.

Due to all the above features, the Super Asia parabolic fan heater is a perfect choice and a more reliable product for you to choose from.



HeaterFan Heater
BrandSuper Asia
Auto Shut DownYes, If over heated
Heating Mode2 (500W & 1000W)
SoundSuper Silent
Oxygen BurningNo
Height AdjustmentYes
Weight 25 kg


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