Super Asia Instant Geyser GH106

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  • Electric And Gas Water Heater
  • 6 Liter Tank Capacity
  • Advanced Enamel Tech
  • 20 Mint Built-In Timer
  • High Heating Efficiency (Long Lifetime)
  • 30% Energy Saving
  • Independent Thermal Cut Out (Overheating Protection)
  • Singled Welded Line Technology
  • Enamel Coating (Protects Tank Best From Rust)
  • Flame Failure Safety Device
  • Pressure Release Valve And Drain Valve (2 In 1)

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SUPER ASIA Instant Geyser GH106 Description:

Instant geysers are mostly preferred nowadays, but quality matters a lot. In order to match the requirements and quality, Super Asia presents Super Asia Instant Geyser Gh106 which works both on gas and electricity.

Its 6-liter water storage capacity and high heating efficiency making it an energy-efficient device and saving up to 30% of energy consumption.

No worries about the overheating of water because it has an automatic cut out feature which stops heating the water when the water temperature is too high.

Rusting can cause damage to the geyser body, to avoid that Super Asia instant geyser Gh106 has an enamel coating for rust protection making it a lifetime product.

water pressure in geysers is very dangerous when the valves are of low quality, so for your safety Super Asia instant geyser GH106 comes with high-quality pressure valves which normalizes the pressure and makes the device safe and sound. Apart from all the qualities, it comes with a 1-year warranty which ensures the quality of Super Asia instant geyser Gh106.

Model GH106
BrandSuper Asia
Input Source Electric & Gas
Capacity 6 Liter
Energy Saving 30 %
Flame Faliure Device Yes
Pressure Valve Yes
Timer 20 Minutes
Thermal Cut outYes


Weight 25 kg

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