Super Asia – Gas Geyser (GH530AI)

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  • 30 Gallon Capacity
  • Auto Ignition
  • Imported Thermostate (Energy Saving)
  • 3 Brand GI Pipe (Long Lasting Durability)
  • Imported Galvanized Sheet (Rustproof Water Tank)
  • Leakage Proof Due To X-Ray Welding
  • Imported Glass Wall Insulation

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SUPER ASIA Geyser GH530AI Specification:

Super Asia presents the Super Asia geyser GH530AI with a larger water storage capacity up to 30 gallons which is enough for a whole day domestic use.

Forget to use the matches any more for lighting up the geysers, Super Asia geyser Gh530AI has an automatic ignition feature which ignites every time you turn on your tap.

It also has a thermostat feature through which the heat can be adjusted and avoid wastage of heat, making it an energy-saving device along with 3 Brand GI pipe which gives long-lasting durability, thus making it the best choice in terms of quality.

Rustproofing is the main issue with the gas water heater so Super Asia geyser GH530AI is coated with an imported galvanized sheet which makes it the best rust proof product.

Leakage may cause damage to external as well as internal parts of the product, so in order to prevent it Super Asia geyser GH530AI is welded with X-ray weld technology giving it extra strong bonding and making it free form leakage.

Heat can escape easily through conductors thus wasting heat energy and gas, so to tackle this problem Super Asia geyser Gh530AI has glass wool insulation which does not allow the heat to escape and keeps the water heated for a longer period of time.


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