Super Asia – Geyser (GEH755)

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  • 55 Gallon Tank Capacity
  • Electric And Gas Water Heater
  • Imported Thermostat (Energy Saving)
  • 2L Brand GI Pipe
  • Imported Galvanized Sheet (Rustproof Water Tank)
  • Leakage Proof (X-Ray Welding)
  • Red Oxide Coating (Enhance Protection)

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Super Asia Geyser GEH755 Specification:

Super Asia presents another Iconic product Super Asia Geyser GEH755 which has dual functionality mode at both gas and electricity along with its large capacity 55 gallons of the water storage tank making it enough for all-day usage.

It is economical due to its imported thermostat functionality making it an energy-efficient device even when working on both electricity and gas.

Equipped with 2L Brand GI pipes and imported Galvanized sheet for the protection of the body from rust and corrosion. For further protection, it is coated to red oxide giving it extra protective layers from rust.

The body of the geyser cracks sometimes due to heat but Super Asia Geyser GEH755 is welded with an X-ray welding technique. Apart from all specifications Super Asia gives a 1-year warranty ensuring the quality and reliability.

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