Super Asia – Electric Water Heater (MEH80)

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  • 27% Thicker Magnesium (Rust-Proof)
  • Thermo Cut Out (Overheat Protection)
  • Heat Stopper (During Little Water)
  • Safety Valve
  • European Enamel Tank
  • 30% Energy Saving
  • IPX4 Waterproof Test Passed

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Super Asia Electric Water Heater MEH80 Specification:

Super Asia presents Super Aisa Electric water heater MEH80 with a rust-free body due to 27% thicker magnesium which protects it from catching rust.

Many water heaters may become red hot due to overheating, but Super Asia water heater MEH80 comes with a Thermo cut out feature which protects it from overheating prevents it from damaging.

As the water level is low, Super Asia Electric water heater MEH80 stops heating water by its heat stopper function hence saving up to 30% of energy.

Super Asia electric water heater MEH80 has passed the IPX4 waterproof test which ensures the quality of the Super Asia water heater body.

Weight 15 kg


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