Super Asia – Electric Water Heater (PEH25)

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  • 25 Liter Tank Capacity
  • Advanced Enamel Tech (High Heating Efficiency)
  • Safety Valve (High Hydraulic Pressure Protection)
  • Single Welded Line Technology
  • 30% Energy Saving (Keep Water And Prevent Heat Loss)
  • Enamel Coated (Protect Tank From Rust)

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super Aisa water heater peh25:

Super Aisa water heater peh25 is a masterpiece with the latest features and smart design making it the best choice for you.

It is not only smart but also a high heat efficient device that keeps the water hot without losing heat for a longer time due to its Advanced Enamel technology and savin up to 30% of energy.

Most of the water heater bodies are not strong enough to hold the pressure but Super Aisa water heater PEH25 is welded with single weld line technology providing it a strong finish hence increasing the life of the product.

Rusting causes damage to the body of the water heater but Super Aisa water heater peh25 is Enamel coated which makes it rest proof.

Along with all the specifications Super Asia provides a 1-year warranty that ensures its quality and durability.




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