Spectra Kneader QK2000

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  • 2.2 Kg Capacity
  • Dough Maker
  • Easy Operation
  • See-Through Glass Cover
  • Food Grade Plastic Material
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Automatic Timer Switch
  • Rust Proof Safe
  • Heavy-Duty Electric Motor

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Spectra Kneader (Dough Maker)

Flour kneading is one of the important routines without which we can’t cook bread hence compel us to buy from the market in order to survive a day. But, now Spectra kneader with up to 2.2 kg of capacity is here to quick knead for you equipped with a heavy-duty motor that apart from turbo kneading also safe to use with its automatic timer switch.

Spectra kneader with a detachable inside basket that is also a dishwasher safe along with easy operation that carries out dough making comfortably without any interruption and food-grade plastic material makes it more safe and healthy kneader to use.

Apart from turbo performance, Spectra kneader comes in a rust-proof plastic body hence increases its life expectancy along with its compact design that occupies less space allows you to keep using at the best comfort in your kitchen.

Weight 15 kg


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