Sencor – Nose Ear Trimmer (101BL)

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  • Trims Nose And Ear Hair Sideburns
  • Stainless Steel Cutting Blades
  • Washable Trimming Heads
  • Integrated Lighting
  • 2 Exchangeable Heads

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Sencor Nose Ear Timmer 101BL

Sencor products are not only for home chores but are also for adding grace to your personality. sencor nose ear timmer 101bl will clean all the unwanted hairs from the nose, ears, and earbuns and make your face look clear and graceful.

Cutting nose and ear hairs with scissor can be painful but with sencor nose ear timmer 101bl it becomes very easy

and comfortable as it contains stainless steel cutting blades that smoothly cuts the hairs.

When cutting nose or ear hairs you need light to see clearly, sencor nose ear timmer 101bl fulfills this requirement by having an integrated light feature that gives a clear look and smooth hair removing experience.

Along with the powerful motor, it has 2 exchangeable and washable blade heads for both nose and ear hairs that give you a healthy cleaning experience.



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