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 1 Year Official

• Power input: 2400 W
• Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
• Volume:1.5 l
• Triple safety system

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When you are tired and want a cup of tea instantly but making tea on simple gas stoves takes a lot of time. But Dont worries now as sencor kettle 330 is here to serve you when you want a refreshing cup of tea. This sensor kettle 330 is super easy to use as it has a double-sided watermark level which gives you a clear look at the water inside the kettle so that you can measure the water level easily.
For making boiling faster, sencor kettle 330 has a stainless steel heating spiral ring that transfers the heat to the kettle evenly, thus boiling the water in just a few seconds. Giving it extra protection it has an auto shut-off feature which does not allow the kettle to become overheated or burnout.
Weight 15 kg